Butterfly Garden Update!

The Butterfly Garden is getting a makeover this year. We have 50-lb bags of rock arriving on April 27th that need to be moved into the garden space. We will hopefully have a good crew of Silver Cord volunteers to help but I need to borrow wheelbarrows, dollies, shovels, and hand trowels that day (and into May if you don’t need them back right away.) If you have any of these that we can borrow, please “sign them up” in the signup below so we don’t end up with an abundance of supplies. In the comment, let me know when you need it back. I know you may need these tools for your own yard this spring. **Please make sure to label all tools so they are returned.**


Shovels and hand trowels: You can drop these off at school any time between now and 1:30 on the 27th. There is a tote inside the office for these items. Or you can drop them off at 8945 Highland Oaks Dr. and leave them on the front step.

Wheelbarrows and dollies: You can drop wheelbarrows and dollies off at school any time between now and 1:30 on the 27th. (If you are able, please call or text me, Christie, at 515.512.3236 that you’re dropping equipment off and I will try to meet you at school to move it so the staff doesn’t have to.) *Dollies aren’t needed after the 27th so I will return those that week.

Everyone is welcome to help on the 27th if you are available and need a workout! There is plenty to do. If moving rock isn’t your thing, we also have a lot of plants that need to be dug up. We’ll start at 1:30 and can go until 4:30 but you’re welcome to come for as long as you want. This is an early out Wednesday.