Summer Reading Splash – Due Sept 4!

We are going to start Summer Reading Splash a month early this year, on May 1. Students get an extra month to read and earn prizes!

Reading – Keep track on the calendar (or any piece of paper) the number of minutes you read each day. You can include:
1. The minutes you read to yourself!
2. The minutes you read to someone else!
3. The minutes someone reads to you!

Recording – Each time you read, write the number of minutes on the calendar – or anywhere (any piece of paper will do). Just keep track! (Practice your addition/calculator skills and total the minutes you read each month.)

Responsibility – You need to return the record of your minutes to school during the first week of the new school year. That means you have to keep track of it all summer! Turn your tracking sheet in to your teacher by September 4.

***If you have a preschooler that will be attending kindergarten at Horizon in the fall, this is for them too! Please share it with other’s who will have kindergartner’s at Horizon this fall.

Horizon Summer Reading Splash Info & Calendar 2020

There are three levels of prizes this year!
*1st Level Return your calendar and you will receive a treat (no matter how many minutes you read.)
*2nd Level Return your calendar showing you have read at least 500 minutes and you’ll receive a treat PLUS a new book to read.
*3rd Level Return your calendar showing you have achieved the goal of 1,000 minutes and you will receive a treat, a book, AND a chance to drench a Horizon staff member!!!

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