PTO Forms

Walkathon Pledge Form: WAT Donation Sheet for Students

Walkathon Instructions: WAT Info Sheet for Students

Walkathon Progress Ticket: ProgressTicket2019

Background Check Form:

Deposit, Reimbursement, Cash Box form instructions:  Please refer to these instructions if you have any questions as you fill out your forms.  Thank you!
Click here for: Deposit-Reimbursement-Cash-Box-Instruction-1

PTO Reimbursement Request Form:  If you have purchased something for an event or fundraiser with your own money and need to request reimbursement, please submit your receipts along with this completed form.  Refer to the instructions for further information.
Click here for:  ptoreimbursement

PTO Deposit Form:  If you have money to deposit after an event or fundraiser, please submit this form along with your money.  Refer to the instructions for further information.
Click here for:  ptodeposit

PTO Cash Box Request:  If you have an event coming up and need a cash box (i.e. concessions, spirit wear, book fair), please complete this form and make arrangements with our Treasurer to pick up money.
Click here for:  ptocashbox

Box Tops Collection:
Click here for a list of participating products: Box Tops Products List
Don’t forget to save your Box Tops!

Funding Request (Primarily for teacher/school personnel use):  This form is used to make a funding request from the PTO.  Examples would be classroom supplies, online memberships, speakers, field trips, etc.  These forms should be submitted no later than the first Tuesday of the month to be considered at that month’s meeting.
Click here for:  funding-request